Brisc Healthcare Pvt Ltd, a Pharmaceutical Marketing Company, was founded by the dynamic team at SCDA and esteemed Retailers and Distributors to address the challenges encountered by Pharma Retailers. Our commitment lies in sourcing top-quality products from renowned manufacturers. We prioritize impeccable storage standards at every logistical juncture, an often overlooked aspect in the industry. With an extensive distribution network, we specialize in marketing next-generation pharmaceutical formulations across diverse therapeutic segments. Our success in India drives our ambition to establish a global presence. Brisc Healthcare Pvt Ltd stands as a beacon of collaboration between the Vibrant Team SCDA and esteemed Retailers and Distributors, driven by a shared vision for excellence.


Tchallenges confronting the Pharma Retailers industry. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Brisc Healthcare is dedicated to providing the highest quality pharmaceutical products sourced from the most reputable Topline Manufacturers.

At the core of Brisc Healthcare’s mission is a profound dedication to elevating industry standards. This commitment is evident in the meticulous care taken to address a crucial yet often overlooked aspect in the pharmaceutical supply chain: storage. Brisc Healthcare places paramount importance on maintaining impeccable standards of storage throughout every stage of the logistics process. By doing so, the company ensures the preservation of product integrity, potency, and safety.